Pot Head Queen Lady

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Image of Pot Head Queen Lady

This lady is a pot head. Ya I KNOW!.

In fact she is queen of the pot heads.

Glazed in snappy vintage colors, orchid, red and yellow and standing a petite 6 " tall and 2 1/5 " wide, the perfect size to fit a plant bought in a 3 " pot .

She is made of high fired white stoneware. The interior of her head is glazed and there is a hole for drainage. She is perfect for succulents such as hens and chicks or a ground cover like stone crop sedum.

She is mellow and pleasant and sits around the house all day. but can't remember a thing. Its not likely she will go out and look for a job either.

Each lady is different, and unique, handmade by myself , Diane Hawkey, in my Detroit studio. No helper monkeys are involved.

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sorry, plants not included :( My pot head says "Grow your own!


Image of Pot Head Queen Lady Image of Pot Head Queen Lady